Did you know that even with more than 242,000 solar workers in America and that the position of a solar photovoltaic installer is the fastest-growing job in the US?

Across the neighbouring 48 states in the US, there are more than 1.47 million solar panels in use. This would explain why 10.6 GW of solar was installed in the country in 2018 alone. While many people in the US cannot install solar panels on their roofs, solar energy makes up 1.6% of the country’s total electricity production.

How Do You Rank the Best Solar Companies?

Before I answer that question, I would like you to answer me as an American solar consumer: do you choose solar panels based on a firm’s reputation? Does it make American-made solar panels better compared to other companies in other locations?

Solar panel companies are ranked based on the total number of solar panels they ship. But does this guarantee that they offer high quality solar panel products? Such giant firms owe their reputation to mass solar panel production and on a large scale.

My argument here is, there are small solar panel companies that dedicate themselves to quality products. As such, it should not be about the status of the company but rather the reliability. You as a solar buyer MUST be able to differentiate this by choosing the one that balances quality with your budget and needs.

The country of solar manufacturing should come second after quality.

Who are the Producers of the Best Solar Panels?

The short and straight answer to your question is East Asia, especially China. East Asia is the globe’s hub for solar production with many firms being Chinese-based. The best thing is that many US solar panels companies have realized the need for quality over mass production.

20 Top Solar Companies in the US

A significant number of solar companies in the US, including top companies, import their equipment from Southeast Asia. There are a number of companies with their headquarters here and produce their solar panels in the country.

Check these 20 out!

  1. Auxin Solar

An American solar manufacturer, Auxin Solar was established in 2008 and makes solar mounting rack systems. With its headquarters in San Jose, CA, the solar company is also a system developer of solar power plants.

The company’s solar panels and mounting racks have a global client base and have established turnkey residential and commercial solar systems in America, Europe, and Australia. Auxin Solar prides itself in being OEM for several Tier 1 firms.

  1. First Solar Inc.

First Solar Inc. is a top worldwide provider of photovoltaic solar systems that utilize its cutting-edge module and system tech. The company’s renewable energy systems protect and enhance the environment by offering solar services as an alternative source of energy.

The company integrates tech, services, and proficiency through the entire solar value chain to offer solutions with storable PV energy through reliable and reasonably priced solar energy.

  1. Lumos Solar

Lumos provides clean and reasonably priced solar power energy to a sphere of 1.3 billion prospective clients who live off the electricity grid. The company offers solar power as a service to homes and small businesses where they can pay for electricity via their phones.

All the company’s solar products are manufactured in the US, and they build bifacial solar panels that can allow for increased energy production. This, however, depends on the reflectance of the surface underneath.

  1. Certainteed Solar

Certainteed Solar is a US-based manufacturer of powerful solar panels, shingles, and tiles. Founded in 1904, the solar company is based in Malvern and builds a range of solar panels with different models to suit different users.

The company has 5 panel series available in 47 different models with a wattage range of 70w to 400w. It is a section of Saint Gobain, one of the globe’s oldest and largest companies and offers a broad umbrella warranty. 

  1. Global Solar

Global Solar Energy, Inc. was founded in 1996 and has grown to be a top producer of thin-film Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) solar solutions. These flexible and lightweight solar panels power can be integrated in off-grid, residential, commercial, and mobile uses globally.

Currently operating in Tucson, AZ, Global Solar Energy has innovatively participated in solutions for BAPV (Building Applied Photovoltaic) and transport markets by redefining solar power. The company continues to develop more products for both on- and off-grid.

  1. Prism Solar

Since 2005, Prism Solar Technologies has been manufacturing both monofacial and bifacial solar modules to maximize energy production and quality. With over a decade and a-half innovative experience, the company uses highly efficient silicon solar cells with a unique warrantied efficiency.

Prism Solar products are manufactured in the US, are ARRA-compliant, and come with a frameless design as well as streamlined cable management. Do you have a highly reflective background? Prism solar modules are designed with you in mind.

  1. GreenBrilliance

GreenBrilliance was founded in 2007 to provide turnkey solar solutions that are customized for commercial and residential needs. The company’s goal is to assist clients save on utility costs, realize energy liberation, reduce carbon emission for an eco-friendly future.

All the company’s solar systems are proudly manufactured in the US with NABCEP accredited engineering and installation crews. GreenBrilliance solar panels are made with avant-garde tech and come with an incomparable 25 years warranty.

  1. Solar Electric America

Are you looking for solar panels with a foldable design? Solar panels from Solar Electric America are a fantastic choice. With its headquarters in Richmond, VA, the solar company stands out among the few firms that build 24V solar panels in the US.

The company specialties include 12V solar panels for water pumping that meets the needs of water everywhere, as well as 12V solar panels for all your battery charging needs.

  1. Seraphim Solar

Seraphim Solar USA is a manufacturer of solar panels with its headquarters in Texas. The company has gained a reputation in making top quality solar panels that impress people. If you are in hunt for a top-quality solar built in the US, Seraphim Solar is an incredible choice.

The company’s products come with a 10 year warranty on craftsmanship as well as a 25-year linear power productivity warranty. Delight in Seraphim Solar high efficiency products.

  1. SunSpark

SunSpark stands out as one of the largest panel manufacturers in the US and represents the very best American solar construction. The company makes solar panels for all clients, including residential and commercial as well as military and government spectrums.

Due to the quality and value of their solar panels, SunSpark generates 200 megawatts power annually, and the number continues to grow. Company branded systems come with full OEM capabilities.

  1. SunPower

SunPower is amongst the first two biggest solar companies in the US, followed by Tesla. The company provides different categories of clients with complete solar solutions and services. With over 30 years of experience in the field, SunPower is preferred by utilities, residential clients, industries, schools, and regime.

If you are looking for optimal value and excellent performance of solar panels, SunPower is a fantastic choice. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, and has a total solar capacity of 3,842.02.

  1. Solaria

Founded in the early 2000s, Solaria ranks amongst the growing prodigies in the solar panel industry. The company’s U.S. and South Korea plants manufacture high-efficiency solar panels that come only in black colours.

The panel’s affordability and sleek design on top of efficiency are some of the factors that are making them popular among buyers. For customer satisfaction and good rapport, Solaria offers a whopping 25-year warranty on its solar panels against any defects.

  1. SolSuntech

Based in New York City, US, SolSuntech Inc. is among the top solar companies in the United States that offer high quality products. The company prides in being the first globally to integrate 3D tech into solar panels with a cutting-edge 33% unit output effectiveness.

With intentions to offer clean and affordable solar energy to customers, the new panel looks like the standard panel but with almost twice the solar power amount. 

  1. SolarTech Universal

SolarTech Universal is a solar panel manufacturing company based in Rivera Beach, FL that was founded in 2012. If you want to equip your house with next-gen solar panels, you can never go wrong with SolarTech’s products.

This US-owned premium solar panel maker produces panels with SmartWire tech and they produce 300-watt and 325-watt solar energy. These high efficient solar panels are all you need to power your home or workplace.

  1. Cyprus Creek Renewables

Cyprus Creek Renewables has the highest total solar capacity with 10,971.23 megawatts. Like many in our list, the company develops, constructs, and runs solar facilities across the US. Its business model largely focuses on utility-scale ground mount projects with a capacity of between 2MW and 10 MW AC.

The company dedicates its resources in creating new opportunities in budding solar markets.

  1. NextEra Energy, Inc.

Headquartered in Juno Beach, FL, NextEra Energy is a top clean energy firm that boasts nearly 44,900 MW of generating capacity. The company’s primary subsidiary includes NextEra Energy Resources, the globe’s leading generator of renewable energy from the sun and wind.

The other subsidiary is Florida Power & Light Co. that serves nearly 4.7 million client accounts in Florida. It also ranks as the US biggest rate-regulated electric utilities. NextEra Energy, Inc. boasts 8 commercial nuclear power units in Florida, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Iowa. 

  1. EcoPlexus

EcoPlexus builds, holds, and operates solar PV projects for the utility and business markets in the US. To date, it has fostered and bankrolled more than 50 projects and extends its services to Japan, Turkey, and Mexico.

The company also provides solar operation and maintenance services for investors such as Fortune 500 companies, and boasts clients in major utilities like Georgia Power, Duke, and more. EcoPlexus also offers solar services to almost 15 boroughs in the US.

  1. 8minutenergy

8minutenergy does almost everything in solar projects, including developing, financing, engineering, producing, operating, and maintenance. The company’s solar projects target all the US regions, with each of their solar PV power projects creating local production, operational, and service jobs.

The company conducts a lot of groundwork before implementing their solar projects so as to provide quality products. 8minutenergy chooses to construct its solar projects on distressed land to ensure expeditious permitting and reduced environmental impact. Their total solar capacity is 5,743.66.

  1. Hecate Energy LLC

Hecate Energy LLC ranks as a top developer, proprietor, and operator of power plants in both North America and globally. The company blends industry expertise, technical insight, and substantial skills in the industry to develop top-notch power projects.

This solar company also specializes in wind energy as well as natural gas plants and energy storage, believing in collaborations, longstanding partnerships, and quality services. Their total solar capacity is 2,426.44.

  1. PetersenDean

Founded in 1984, PetersenDean stands out among the key frontrunners and pacesetters in the US solar market. The company offers both solar installation and roofing services and does an excellent job.

Although they introduced the solar installation service recently to their menu, their enduring history in the roofing category gives them a good picture of the solar industry. PetersenDean boasts a high residential service ratio, but also participates in government contracts and commercial jobs as well.

Tips for Solar Consumers

Make sure you have these three hints on your fingertips before you go shopping for your solar panels.

  1. Research Thoroughly – Compare as many solar panel installers as possible to avoid paying overstated costs that the solar industry’s giant installers charge. Consider even the small installers in your area.
  2. Compare your Equipment Alternatives – How many equipment packages do you have access to? Collect a range of solar bids and compare their costs and savings. Remember that large-scale solar installers offer fewer solar equipment alternatives.
  3. Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Recall this mantra? Take into account all your solar options without being lured by ads from giant installers and end-up overpaying for solar. 
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