At the mention of the name Tesla, the thing that pops in the minds of many is renewable energy, an electric vehicle, Hyperloop One, and SpaceX. In October 2016, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, acquired SolarCity, the largest residential installer in the US, and entered the solar panels business. Due to inability to manufacture the solar panels at scale, Tesla solar cells were acquired from Panasonic through a partnership with the firm.

Tesla roof solar initial rollout began around April 2018 with a very few installations done as the public evaluated the tech’s self-proclaimed functionality. The company inaugurated its Solar Roof V3 in October 2019 promising it was the best solar roof available on the market.

This new solar roof is available at a pocket-friendly price and comes with a Class 3 hails rating and a twenty-five-year weatherization warranty. It also offers extended durability compared to the preceding solar roof versions.

But, what is Tesla Solar Roof anyway?

Tesla and SolarCity invented the solar roof that is similar to a house traditional roof with some photovoltaic shingles that can produce solar power. As such, you can delight in solar energy while maintaining your home’s artistry.

These solar roofs come into types of textured glass tile shingles, including active solar shingles (generate power) and inactive non-solar shingles.

Tesla Solar Customer Service

If you want customer support services to answer Tesla solar questions regarding purchasing, supply, proprietorship and product, you can use their online channel. If the answers you seek are unavailable there, you can send your question via your Tesla Account. If you do not have an account, create one using this Contact Form.

Do you need more info on Tesla Roadside Assistance? Visit their dedicated Roadside Assistance support page here.

Tesla Solar Customer Service Phone Number

Tesla solar has its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and you can reach them via their customer service representatives via these phone numbers: (888) 518-3752 or (650) 681-5100. The first number is Tesla solar customer service toll-free phone number.

Tesla Solar Customer Service Hours

Tesla Solar Roof customer service is available via chat support from 4:00 am to 8:30 pm PST. This is for all Tesla proprietors in North America. 

Tesla Solar Customer Service Email

No email found on Tesla’s official customer service site.

Tesla Solar Pay Bill

You solar system billing is available online via your Tesla Account. You just need to login via the email address that is linked to your Tesla energy products and make payments. Billing can either be made by check or registering in automatic payments.

Customer Reviews

What do Tesla roof customers say about Tesla?

While Tesla is a reputable brand, most of their customers are not happy with their services. There are many complaints especially when it comes to experiences with their automobiles. From missing parts to delayed spares and unresponsive customer support, it is messy!

When it comes to their energy products (solar panels and power walls), however, there are numerous positive customer reviews showing satisfaction with their services.

In a nutshell, customer reviews on Tesla are mixed, but negative reviews have the upper hand.

Tesla App Support

Tesla offers application software for both their iOS and Android clients that you can download to your device. The Tesla App allows you to control and monitor your Tesla products remotely. Once you use your Tesla Account authorizations to login, you have access to all the necessary features.

If you are a car owner, the Tesla App is only usable if your delivered car comes with mobile app access enabled. Mobile access can be enabled and disabled via your car’s touchscreen by navigating to Controls > Safety & Features.

If you own an energy product (like the solar roof), you can only access the Tesla App when your product is installed and powered.


How do I Talk to Tesla Customer Service?

For all North American-based Tesla owners, you can talk to Tesla customer service via their chat support from 4 am to 8:30 pm PST. Car owners can chat to Tesla customer service via the company’s Support pages > Contact Us for questions related to cars.

All clients can use Tesla’s phone number above to speak to sales reps, shoot their queries, get connected to service, and talk to the customer service.

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