It is natural for car batteries to discharge, right? After all, in-built car systems such as anti-theft applications and alarm systems are always utilizing battery power. 

SUNAPEX is a highly regarded company in the portable solar arena that focuses on satisfactory customer experience by offering car battery charger and maintenance solutions. To avoid battery failure resulting from vulcanization, the firm built a trickle charger for slow charging and maintaining your car battery power.

About SUNAPEX 10W 12V Portable Solar Battery Charger & Maintainer

This 10W 12v solar battery charger & maintainer from SUNAPEX is a lightweight and portable device that comes with 22% conversion rate crystalline silicon material. It also includes 95% high conduction ETFE material that enhances the charging efficiency.

The best thing with this battery charger is that it comes with an upgraded charging system to boost the battery charging speed by 10% to 20%. It’s in-built intelligent controller charges in day and automatically switches off at night to preserve battery power. As such, it secures the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, reverse polarity, and short circuit.

To help you monitor the working status of the solar battery charger & maintainer easily, the junction box comes with 3-color LED indicators. If you see solid-blue light, it means it is getting sunlight with normal output, solid-red light for charging, and solid-green light for battery fully-charged. What if I see no lights? It means a short circuit has occurred.

The sturdiness and durability of this handy solar battery charger & maintainer is incredible! SUNAPEX added a layer of PCB on the panels that help minimize internal damage, while cutting the conversion rate in the process.

For extended durability and service life, the solar battery charger & maintainer is made with ETFE material that is both heat-resistant and waterproof. It also features upgraded and hardened wires for enhanced resilience.

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Did I mention how lightweight this device is? You will feel like you are carrying your smartphone making it easily portable. For effectiveness when using it on your RV, car, or boat, the package also includes a 3-piece plug-n-play SAE cable used in 12 volts batteries and DC charging gadgets alike.


Customers, like you and me, rank any products using the features they offer. These features make the SUNAPEX 10W 12V portable solar battery charger & maintainer incredible.

  • Durability – It is made from ETFE material that protects your solar panels from heat and water, and has PCB on the panels as bottom plate. The wires are also reinforced.
  • LED Indicators – Includes three-color (solid blue, red, & green) LED indicators that helps you monitor the functionality of the battery charger. The best thing is that it is also easy to detect short circuit possibilities if there is no light on the indicator.
  • Smart Controller – Comes with an upgraded battery charging algorithm that boosts charging efficiency while protecting your battery from charging-related risks like short circuit.
  • High Conversion Rate – Panels feature a honeycomb structure with high conduction crystalline silicon material that improves charging efficiency. It lifts power production up to 22%.


What do the solar panel charger and maintainer offer at a glance?

  • Max. Power: 10W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Max. Power Voltage: 18V
  • Current at Pmax: 0.56A
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs.

How to set it up

You have the 10W 12V portable solar battery charger & maintainer and want to know how to set it up? Well, it is easy! SAFETY RULE: keep your solar panel away from sunlight!!

  1. Connect the solar panel to the junction box.
  2. Connect the plug to the cigarette lighter in your car


  • Industrial-grade STMs charging controller
  • Visual surveillance
  • Durable and portable design
  • Portable & waterproof
  • Highly compatible
  • 22% high conversion rate
  • 12 months warranty
  • Lifetime tech support

Rating on Value for Money

Getting the value for money on a product you purchased is one step towards satisfaction. I bought the SUNAPEX 10w 12v portable solar battery charger & maintainer and it is functioning pretty well. 

This panel offers 22% conversion rate which enhances the charging performance for reliability. To me the $34.99 is a worthy investment and I give the product 9/10 rating on value for money.

Rating on Charge Interruption Recovery

The recovery effect is yet another crucial factor to consider when buying a solar battery charger & maintainer. The 10-watt 12v from SUNAPEX comes with integrated smart controller, an upgraded charging algorithm that increases charging efficiency.

The best thing with this feature is that it activates automatically during the day and switch off in the night to reserve charge. It also protects the battery from interruption-related risks. It recorded 8.5/10 rating on charge interruption recovery.

Rating on Charging Speed

The SUNAPEX 10-watt 12v solar battery charger & maintainer is built to prevent the battery storage capacity from deteriorating. This 10-watt trickle solar charger charges slowly to maintain the battery’s power.

Charging effectiveness depends on the condition of the batter. If fully-exhausted, then you will always be complaining. My car has a good battery so it recorded an 8/10 rating on charging speed.

Rating on Multiple Device Charging

This solar battery charger is built to only charge one device at a time, so it cannot be rated on the multiple devices charging category.

Rating on Durability

SUNAPEX solar battery charger & maintainer is built to last with an extra layer of PCB material for robustness and reducing internal panel damage. The ETFE material makes it more durable as it is waterproof and heat-resistant, plus hardened wire.

This product obtained 9/10 rating on durability.

Rating on Weight and Portability

It is lightweight (1.43 lbs.) just like your smartphone and comes with a compact design that is easily portable. It is the lightest portable solar battery you will find on the market, and scored 9/10 rating on weight and portability.


If you want a reliable solution for charging and maintaining your battery to avoid over-discharging or draining, you can never go wrong with the SUNAPEX 10-watt 12v brand. It achieves the most ideal charging effect in a limited space due to its compact size.

Add the warranty and lifetime technical support to the functionality…Awesome!

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