HQST 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Review

HQST or High Quality Solar Technology is a company with a robust reputation in the solar panel market. From solar panels to mounting z-brackets, MC$ branch connectors and drill-free ABS corner brackets for rooftop solar, the company prides in nothing but quality.

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HQST is dedicated to bringing solar energy to millions of households.

About HQST 100-Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

HQST 100-watts 12v monocrystalline solar panel is a fantastic choice for your home and off-grid applications. This solar panel has high module conversion efficiency with an ideal output of 500Wh a day based on sunlight accessibility.

The manufacturer understands that going off-grid means that you can get into environments with low light or lots of shades. As such, the 100-watt solar panel comes with bypass diodes that minimize power drop and maintain admirable performance in such situations.

This 100-watt 12v monocrystalline panels come with high-efficiency cells that come in handy in boosting space efficiency. Sometimes going off-grid leads you to rocky and uneven roads. That is why HQST solar panels are made from low iron-tempered glass with heightened rigidity and impact endurance. They are also waterproof and anti-reflective with high transparency for tapping the most light out of the sun.

For durability, HQST 100-watt solar panels are made from innovative encapsulation material with multiple layers of sheet laminations which also improve cell performance. The panels frame is made from corrosion-resistant material which extends its lifespan during outdoor use. It has also been built to endure high winds (2400 Pa) as well as snow loads (5400 Pa).

HQST has made this 100-watt solar panel highly-compatible by including pre-drilled holes on the panel’s back. As such, you can easily mount and secure it where you want. It also works well with different mounting systems like tilt mounts, z-brackets, and pole mounts. In addition, it comes with IP65-rated junction box and solar connect leads that make it easy to hook it up to a controller or adding more panels.

It is worth mentioning that HQST offers full after-sales service and responsive customer support. You can mount this 100-watt solar panel from HQST on your RV, boat, wall, camper, and more.


You can tell a lot about a solar panel just by looking at the features the manufacturer offers. Here are the features that we and other clients rated the HQST 100-watt 12v solar panel with.

  • Weatherproof – The solar panel is waterproof and is built to withstand high winds and snow loads. The junction box is also IP65 rated meaning its protected from low pressure water and environmental elements.
  • Durability – Built with corrosion-free aluminium frame that protects it against harsh weather conditions giving you years of service. The low iron-tempered glass on the panels offers boosted stiffness and resistance on impact.
  • Versatility – The 100-watt solar panel suits the needs of many people with different applications.
  • Easy Installation – The back of the panels comes with pre-drilled holes that allow for easy mounting and securing.
  • Compatibility – This solar panel is works well with different mounting systems, including pole & tilt mounts, as well as z-brackets. It is also compatible with most Newpowa, Richsolar, and Renogy brands.


What are the specs of this solar panel?

  • Maximum power at STC: 100W
  • Short Circuit Current: 5.83A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.3V
  • Optimum Operating Current: 5.58A
  • Optimum Operating Voltage: 18V
  • Operating Temp Range: -40º~90º Celsius
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs.

How to set it up

Just like many others on our previous reviews, setting up the HQST solar panel is easy. Just make sure that the panels are not under direct sunlight and covered for safety precautions.

  1. Connect the battery to the charge controller and ensure the terminals are well-matched
  2. Hook the solar panel to the charger controller
  3. Connect the inverter to your battery, again matching the terminals. Off you go!


  • Waterproof
  • Durable & portable build
  • Responsive customer support
  • Excellent performance
  • Bypass diode to minimize power drop
  • High efficient solar cells
  • Pre-drilled holes


  • No MC4 cable included

Rating on Value for Money

The value for money is always an important factor to consider when purchasing a portable solar panel. The HQST 100-watt 12v monocrystalline solar panel costs between $79.99 and $319.99 on HQST. These panels come with high efficient cells for improved performance and reliance which appeals to us and is worthwhile.

We gave this solar panel 8/10 for rating on value for money.

Rating on Charge Interruption Recovery

Going off-grid means penetrating the thickets to find clearing, hiking, rock climbing, and more! Those few seconds that a cloud passes or enters low-light environments affect the charging frequency of your solar panels.

The best thing with HQST 100-watt panels is that they include bypass diodes that minimize power drop caused by shades. In our experience, the recovery effect was nearly 15 seconds which is impressive. The solar panel scored 8/10 rating on charge interruption recovery.

Rating on Charging Speed

Well, fully charging a 12v battery depends on the availability of sunlight. On average, a 100 AH battery offers 40 minutes at 100 amps of consumption. The HQST solar panel took around 7-8 hours to fully charge, which is why it scored 7/10 rating on charging speed.

Rating on Multiple Device Charging

The HQST 100-watt 12v solar panel does not come with USB output ports which means you cannot use it to charge directly. However, you can connect it to wall outlets and charge your devices. On average, it charged my smartphones from 20% to 50% in an hour.

It scored 7/10 rating on multiple device charging.

Rating on Durability

Regardless of a solar panel’s price tag, what matters most when shopping is how long the device can keep working and working effectively. That is why you must consider the construction material and stiffness of the panels.

The 100-watt solar panel from HQST are made using corrosive-resistant aluminium material frame which translates to durability, especially during outdoor use. This means that you can use them for decades. The panels feature low iron-tempered glass with reinforced stiffness and can endure impacts. They also are made to tolerate all weathers.

As such, it scored 9/10 rating on durability.

Rating on Weight and Portability

This solar panel is shorter compared to other brand’s 100W panels and is suitable for smaller applications. It weighs just 14.3 lbs. which is light hence making it portable for its intended purpose. It scored 8/10 rating on weight and portability.


If you are looking to add panels to your off-grid adventure system today, the 100-watt 12v solar panels from HQST is a perfect choice. Compared to other 100-watt panels on the market, these ones are shorter but have the same output.

They suit small footprint applications, are waterproof, durable, you name it! While it comes with solar connectors and a junction box, you will have to buy the MC4 cable separately. Nonetheless, it is an awesome pick.

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