If you are intending to go off-grid either camping or for a picnic, you will need reliable portable power to keep your devices on and light up your campsite at night. That is why you should consider a solar generator for storing solar power collected by your solar panels.

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Have one in mind? Well, I do – the Yeti 150 from Goal Zero. Wondering what it is? Check out!

About Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

The Yeti 150 solar generator from Goal Zero is a small, 168 watt-hour power bank that features a rechargeable 12v lead-acid battery that comes in handy in charging all your small devices. Before we continue, it is crucial to mention that this solar generator does not include solar panels or 12V adapters during purchase.

It comes equipped with in-built outputs that allow you to charge while on-the-go and can charge up to five (5) devices at once. The Yeti 150 solar generator comes with 2.1A USB ports that you can use to recharge phones and tablets. If you want to recharge your laptop or DSLR camera batteries, there is an 80-watts modified-sine wave AC inverter for that.

Do you want to charge your low-power lights during a picnic? The Yeti 150 comes with 12V ports that are specifically designed for that. Check below for more charging info.

What I love most about the Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator is its charging options. If you want it for on-grid applications, you can charge it via the wall outlet using any standard wall plug. If you are driving to your destination, you can charge with the 12V car charging cable. When on-the-go, you can use your solar panels to juice up your Yeti 150.

I never met another solar generator that is travel-friendly as the Yeti 150. It comes in a design that seamlessly fits in the car’s backseat and its Lead-Acid batteries are nontoxic for airline voyage.

This solar generator from Goal Zero is compatible with Dell laptops, iPhone, Samsung, and more. Unfortunately, Apple MacBook lovers do not have the same advantage. Another thing that makes this Yeti 150 solar generator amazing is that it is quiet and fumeless.

If your Yeti 150 solar generator gives you trouble, Goal Zero provides services via its Solutions Centre Team based in the US.

What it can charge

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator comes in handy and is very reliable when you want to charge your different devices, either on-grid or off-grid. When well charged, the Yeti 150 can give you enough solar power to charge your devices as follows:

  • Headlamp: 25 to 50 recharges
  • Light-a-Life 350 LED Light: 50 hours
  • Smartphone: 9 to 12 recharges
  • Laptop: 1 to 2 recharges
  • Tablet: 6 recharges
  • POV Camera: 25 recharges

How to charge it

The Yeti 150 solar generator is an interesting gadget to have. It is not a surprise to find some equipment on the market that offer limited charging options. But that is not the case with the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator as it offers you three handy charging options.

You heard right, three!

1) The Sun – You can recharge your Yeti 150 for free using solar energy by hooking it up with a compatible solar panel. The time it takes to charge depends on how big or small your solar panel is. If you use the Boulder 50, your Yeti 150 can be fully-charged in approx. 6 to 12 hours.

2) Wall Outlet – If you plug your Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator into a wall socket, it will recharge fully in approx. 6 hours.

3) Car Adapter – You can recharge your Yeti from your 12V car adapter and it will be fully-charged in approx. 4 to 6 hours. This charging uses your car’s cigarette lighter port.


  • Portability – Weighs 12 lbs. and comes with a retractable handle that makes carrying easy. Its small compact size fits in your car’s backseat as it does not eat much space.
  • Adaptability – Comes in handy with both on-grid and off-grid applications and offers multiple charging options.
  • Compatibility – Fitted with 2.1A USB ports outputs as well as 12v and AC outputs for charging different small electronics with unique power needs.
  • Customer Support – Offers reliable and responsive customer service via its US-based Solutions Centre Team reachable through online chat, phone, or email support.


What does the Goal Yeti 150 solar generator have to offer at a glance?

  • Battery Peak Capacity: 168-watts
  • AC Inverter Output: 110V, 60Hz, 0.7A 
  • Charging Port Input: 14-29V, 5A (max)
  • 6mm Port Output: 12V, 10A (max)
  • USB Output Ports: 2 x USB 5v, 2.1 (max)
  • CarPort (12V): 12V, 10A (max)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0º – 40º
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Shelf-Life: 3-6 months charging
  • Fuses: 20A
  • Warranty: 180 days


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Detachable battery that can be replaced easily
  • Retractable handle for ease of carrying
  • 3 charging options
  • Comes with USB ports
  • LCD battery status
  • Quiet when in use
  • Reliable power source
  • Versatile
  • Customer support
  • Travel-friendly


  • Cannot charge Apple MacBook laptops
  • Solar panels bought separately
  • 12V car charger not included
  • Not chainable

Where to Buy

You can buy the Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator from the company’s official site at $199.95. As per this review, it was unavailable on Amazon.

Yeti 150 vs. Yeti 400

Here is a table on Yeti 150 and Yeti 400 solar generators face-off!

FeaturesYeti 150Yeti 400
Size7.8” x 6.8” x 5.8”8” x 10.2” x 8”
Weight12 lbs.29 lbs.
Battery12V 14Ah12V 33Ah
AC Sockets1x 110V 80W2 x 110V 300W
USB Ports2 x 5V 2.1A
DC Ports1 x 6mm 12V1 x 12V Cigarette Lighter Charger2 x 6mm 12V1 x 12V Cigarette Lighter Charger1 x 12V 33A Power Pole
Input Ports1 x 8mm 14V-29V 5A (max)1 x 8mm 14V-29V 10A (max)

Yeti 150 Solar Kit

The Yeti 150 Solar Kit is simply your generator married to the recommended solar panel, the Nomad 20. It is an excellent choice for people who intend to use the Yeti 150 solar generator as their core power source.

This solar kit comes in handy if you have power issues or want to cut the bill significantly to save more.

Yeti 150w Battery Replacement

All things, including batteries, have an expiry date and with that I mean a time that replacement is inevitable. While it depends on its usage and conservation, your Yeti 150 battery should give you a whopping 5 years of service at the least.

We found the Yeti 150 battery to be removable which means it can be easily replaced with a new one after deterioration. You can search for a replacement battery on Amazon and choose your preferred brand. Just remember to check that the size, capacity, and terminals are a match.

Solar Panels Compatible with Yeti 150w

As we have seen above, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator does not come with solar panels. If you are going off-grid and look up to using the Yeti 150 as the core source of power, you need to have a reliable charging source for your solar generator.

If you are searching for solar panels that are compatible with your Yeti 150 solar generator that means you do not have a car. It is alright, you will get one soon, and it takes time. So, which solar panels are best?

I will give you three options:

  1. Nomad 20 Solar Panel – Recommended for the Yeti 150 solar generator, it is a lightweight and foldable solar panel that works incredibly. Mounted on a flat surface, the Nomad 20 Solar Panel can fully charge your Yeti 150 in 20 hours uninterrupted.
  2. Boulder 30 Solar Panel – Great for medium-fast charging! It charges your Yeti 150 solar generator in approx. 15 hours without interruption. 
  3. Boulder 90 Solar Panel – Excellent option for super-fast charging! It completes full Yeti 150 charging in 3 to 4 hours.


Purchasing a solar generator or any other product is an investment to me. If you want to get the full value for your hard-earned money, then ensure that your product has a warranty. The Yeti 150 is backed by a 12-month warranty that kicks off immediately after purchase.

It may not be the best, yes, but it is better compared to others with less or unclear.

About the Company behind this Generator

Founded in 2009, Goal Zero is an NRG Energy, Inc. firm with its headquarters in Bluffdale, Utah, US. It specializes in solar power and aims at crafting portable solar panels, lighting products, and power packs.

Goal Zero was initially established to offer portable, reasonably-priced power solutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Yeti 150 Solar Generator from Goal Zero is a good addition to your outdoor kit. It performs exceptionally when it comes to charging different devices. You would expect a gadget with such abilities to be heavy, but this one is lightweight and portable.

For people with severe power challenges, grabbing the Yeti 150 Solar Kit gives you a reliable solution for your needs. You just have to tilt your chosen solar panel in the direction of the sun to tap most of the light. Given the generator’s battery life of not less than 5 years, it is worth it.

That’s it guys! Hopefully the article was helpful.

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