Dizaual Solar Charger Review

If you want to get yourself a reliable portable solar charger, this post is a Dizaul Solar Charger review and will enable you to make a decision on whether to purchase it.

Solar chargers are portable devices that utilize the power of solar energy to charge the battery or your gadgets. Their portability is what makes them popular among many people and a must-have for outdoor activities enthusiasts such as hikers and campers. You can charge devices such as smartphones, laptops, and flashlights when it gets dark and you are in the middle of the jungle.

You can use them while in outdoor activities such as hikes, camping, mountaineering, and so much more. The Dizaul solar charger is one of the many portable solar chargers on the market.

About Dizaul Solar Charger

Dizaul is a portable solar charger that is made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS+PC material for durability. The charger features a football design that comes with an anti-slip protective effect to ensure that it remains intact when you are traveling.

The 5000mAh portable solar charger also features a water-resistant design that facilitates smooth use even when it is raining without compromising performance or risk of electrical faults. Dizaul understands that outdoor activities can sometimes be rough and rocky. As such, they have equipped their solar charger with a shock-proof feature that makes sure your device functions properly even after drops or crashes. But this does not mean that you are reckless, right! Hehe!

Dizaul knows portability is crucial when it comes to solar chargers. As such, they include a free hook in the package that allows you to hang the solar charger strategically to tap solar energy. This makes it easy for you to carry it on your backpack during camping, hiking, long road trips, and such.

When it comes to charging, Dizaul solar charger comes with USB ports for charging your tablets, smartphones, and any other 5 volt USB-charged devices. The ports are capped with rubber to protect them from water. It is user-friendly, durable, and lightweight (weighs 5.3 ounces).

How to Use Dizaul Solar Charger

Make sure you charge the solar charger fully before using it or packing for your outdoor activities. If you fail to do this, it will not be of valuable use to you. Then, you can follow these steps to use the Dizaul solar charger:

  1. Connect your Dizaul solar charger to the solar energy to collect enough power from the sunlight.
  2. Plug in the power cable and start charging your device.
  3. Wait for your device to fully charge.

It is recommended that you do not charge any device while the solar charger is charging. Why? The fluctuating current flow resulting from changes in weather (like a passing cloud) can cause damage to your charging devices. So, charge your devices when the Dizaul solar charger is fully charged.

What Dizaul can charge

Dizaul 5 volts solar charger comes with USB and micro USB ports. With this solar charger, you can charge a range of devices, including smartphones, iPhone, GoPro, GPS, Windows Phone, Samsung, and Android Phones. You can also charge laptops and tablets.


Dizaul solar charger has multiple useful features that make it stand out as the best outdoor device to have in your backpack. Here is a list of features that this solar charger boasts:

  • ABS + PC material – This eco-friendly construction material ensures that the device is both durable and safe. 
  • Water Resistance – Designed to work well under the rain in case you choose to hike to the rainforest, or just in case weather changes.
  • Shock-proof – It protects the solar charger from damages and allows it to function normally even after it drops or crashes when you are mountaineering or rock climbing.
  • Silicon Rubber Caps – Found on USB ports, these silicon rubber caps protect the USB ports from contact with water and to ensure a safe device charging.
  • LED Flashlight – Comes with in-built LED flashlight that you can use while walking at night during hiking, camping, and such. You can also use it to light the campsite.
  • Anti-Skid Protecting Effect – Protects your solar charger from sliding and falling off the harnessing point.
  • USB Ports and micro USB cable – To ensure that you charge your devices efficiently.

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Dizaual Portable Solar Charger Pros

Here is a summary of the best 5-star reviews on Amazon:

  • A free hook for harnessing your solar charger
  • Waterproof and shock-proof
  • USB and micro USB ports
  • Lightweight
  • Great quality

Dizaual Portable Charger Cons:

Here is a summary of the negative reviews on Amazon:

  • Some clients complain delayed or no charging at all when under sunlight
  • One client reported that  device exploded
  • Slow device charging
  • The rubber caps can be easily damaged

How to Charge Dizaul Solar Charger

The answer to this question might seem very straightforward, but it is quite common especially when someone is learning about solar powered battery chargers. There are a few must-do’s to ensure that your device works appropriately and charges fast. Alternatively, you can make a mess of your investment or damage the devices you plan to charge.

There are two methods which you can use to charge your Dizaul solar charger:

  1. Using a wall outlet – Plug in your Dizaul solar charger using a wall outlet using a USB. You can also connect it to a computer via a USB cable.
  1. Using solar power – This is where you use direct sunlight to charge your Dizaul solar charger. Observe these things to ensure effectiveness while charging your device via solar power: Check the weather. If you see clouds or rain, charging will be delayed. Also, make sure the charger is kept 90 degrees angle to ensure it taps much sunlight.

Dizaul Solar Charger Flashlight

Dizaul solar charger comes with in-built LED flashlight that is lit by pressing down the ON/OFF button for three seconds. This flashlight can only be used if the battery is charged.

Where to buy: Amazon

If you are interested in purchasing the Dizaul solar charger brand, you can check it here on Amazon. It is available in three different colors, including yellow, green, and blue.

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Dizaul solar charger how to turn off

If you want to turn off your Dizaul solar charger, you can use the ON/OFF button that can be found on the front of the device, at the top of the solar panel. You can tell the amount of charge the device has by looking at the number of lights when the device is on.

Dizaul solar charger Manual/Instructions

Are you looking for the Dizaul solar charger instructions or manual? Take these warm tips with you:

  • Just like with other electronics, ensure that the solar charger battery is fully charged for the very first time after purchase. Failure to do this compromises its functionality.
  • If you see one green light, it shows that the solar charger is receiving sunlight and is charging slowly. This light will turn off if you put the solar charger in a dark spot.
  • When the Dizaul solar charger is charging, the solid lights indicate the amount of charge it has. If you see flashing lights, they are showing the amount that the solar charger will charge. Each of these lights represents 25%.
  • If all the lights turn blue, the solar charger is fully charged.
  • The solar charger will charge fully after 6 to 7 hours, while the power collected can charge your smartphone for two hours.

Dizaul Solar Charger Power Bank

The Dizaul solar charger power bank boasts 5000mAh capacity which is more than sufficient for any outdoor voyage. With this amount of power, you can charge your devices more than 1.5 times.

FAQs on Dizaul Charger

Dizaul solar charger not charging

If you experience problems while charging your Dizaul solar charger, it might be because of the power cable. So, you can try out a different charging cable. Before that, check if the USB cable is well-inserted.
Are you charging your Dizaul solar charger using a PC? It could also be the reason why. It is always recommended that you charge it from the main electric power outlet. Alternatively, you can swap the adapter and if that does not work still, it could be the battery is dead.
If your power bank has not exhausted its warranty, you can take it for repair to the manufacturer.

Dizaul solar charger not charging

Is your Dizaul solar charger hooked to solar energy but still won’t work? If so, it could be faulty system wiring, a battery problem, or the wrong setting of the charge controller.

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