BougeRV is a renewable energy brand and a high-grade RV products promoter. They have a long-term ambition to offer energy solutions for sustainable outdoor or off-grid activities. BougeRV believes that limitless energy equals limitless life.

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The company utilizes monocrystalline solar modules with very high conversion efficiency to make sure that every unit area generates maximum power output.

About BougeRV 180 Watts 12 Volts Solar Panel

If you are just getting started with solar panels, then this 180-watts 12 volts solar panel from BougeRV is an ideal choice. Perfect for both on-grid and off-grid applications, this solar panel comes in a beautiful design and offers a 21% high conversion rate for enhanced performance.

The junction box in this solar panel is IP65 waterproof rated and comes equipped with bypass diodes that minimize power drop in shades. You will also find a pair of pre-attached 3-feet cables. To ensure you have an easy installation process, the panels come with pre-drilled holes at the back that allow you to mount and secure it quickly.

Durability is one of the things that matter most in a solar panel. The 180-watts 12 volts solar panel from BougeRV is built to last using corrosion-resistant aluminum material. As such, it can withstand the varying off-grid weather while extending its life in the process. Its robust panels can endure snow loads and high wind.

The solar panel features multiple layers of protective system and also comes with anti-reflective, high transparency glass that is reinforced to resist impact. It is also waterproof to make it work competently in a dense environment and weighs 32.6 lbs. 

When it comes to versatility, BougeRV is not left behind. This 180-watts 12v solar panel is compatible with both on- and off-grid inverters for the best experience. It is a user-friendly solar panel that can be used to power your home in case of sudden power outages. Do you have an RV, boat, campervan, or any other outdoor equipment? BougeRV has what you need!

The BougeRV 180-watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel is backed by a 25-year warranty plus lifetime client support in case you have issues with your solar panel. The package also includes IP65 rated waterproof MC4 connectors.


Nothing speaks a lot about a product other than its features. In fact, you can use them to weigh the value of money. So, what does this 180-watts 12 volts solar panel from BougeRV offer?

  • Durability – Made to last with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, impact-resistant anti-reflective high transparency glass, and can endure snow loads and harsh winds.
  • Multipurpose – It is compatible with both one- and off-grid inverters for indoor use during unexpected power outages and outdoor experiences. You can mount it on your RV, boat, trailer, motorhome, and more.
  • Waterproof – Comes with an IP65 junction box that separates environmental particles plus low-pressure water jets.
  • High-Efficiency – Includes several layers of protective systems with solar energy chips to maintain an efficient conversion rate. It is also equipped with bypass diodes to support steady power in low-light environments.
  • Warranty – BougeRV guarantees a 25-year warranty backed up by lifetime client support.


What does the 180-watts 12 volts solar panel from BougeRV offer in terms of specs?

  • Power at STC (Pm): 180-watts
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 18V
  • Maximum Power Current: 10A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6V
  • Short Circuit Current: 10.5A
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000V DC
  • Junction Box IP Rating: IP65
  • Series Fuse Rating: 15A

How to set it up

Before you even start to set your BougeRV 180-watts 12 volts solar panel, always remember to keep your panels away from sunlight. That is a safety precaution you should not overlook.

  1. Matching the terminals, connect the battery to the charge controller
  2. Connect your BougeRV solar panel to the charge controller
  3. Hook the inverter up with your battery and there you harness the power of the sun.

WARNING: Make sure you connect your solar panel to the charge controller properly to prevent short circuit or reverse polarity which can damage the panels and charger controller. 


  • Economically priced
  • Waterproof
  • Durable & portable
  • Versatile
  • Bypass diodes
  • 21% high conversion efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Pre-drilled holes


  • Limited one year warranty
  • Mounting brackets bought separately

Rating on Value for Money

You can get your BougeRV 180-watts 12v solar panel at $189.99 from BougeRV official site. This solar panel is waterproof, offers a high conversion rate of 21%, IP65 junction box & MC4 connectors, among other features.

It might not be everything you wanted, but I found it worth the dollars and that is why it scored an 8/10 rating on the value for money.

Rating on Charge Interruption Recovery

On a cloudy day, my BougeRV 180-watts solar panel’s charging amperage was 4.5A and 18.26A on a sunny day with the correct tilt towards the sun. Of course, you do not expect the charging to be the same, but a solar panel’s recovery effect matters most during purchase.

This solar panel comes with bypass diodes so it took 10 seconds to recover charge. In that case, we gave it an 8/10 rating on charging interruption recovery.

Rating on Charging Speed

The charging speed of a solar panel depends on many factors, including temperatures, angle, sun availability, and more! When lying flat on the ground, the solar panels recorded 14.27A compared to 4.5A on a cloudy day and 18.26A when perfected tilted to the sun.

That is why the solar panel scored an 8/10 rating on charging speed.

Rating on Multiple Device Charging Speed

While most solar panels on the market come equipped with USB output ports, this one does not. However, it is compatible with most power stations out there which you can connect with and charge your devices.

Rating on Durability

When it comes to durability, there is no compromise! The panels are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum material for extended outdoor use. It also tolerates furious wind and snow heaps excellently, in addition to having waterproof panels and junction boxes.

Anything else you look for in durability? Well, it recorded a 9/10 rating on durability.

Rating on Weight and Portability

The solar panel is large but only weighs 24 lbs. and is usable in any off-grid equipment which makes it highly portable. There are other lightweight and foldable solar panels out there, but you can never go wrong with BougeRV. It scored a 9/10 rating on weight and portability.


The BougeRV 180-watts 12 volts solar panel is a great addition to your outdoor gear or even for starting off. It is reasonably priced and comes with many handy features that make your off-grid experience awesome. If you are looking for a blend of cost and quality, you got it.

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