The popularity of solar street lights is on the rise. This is because they are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. Solar lamps are also a great alternative to electric lamps since they do not produce any noise or pollution. Moreover, the best solar street lights come with an inbuilt sensor that automatically switches it on at dusk and switches off after dawn meaning you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off or switch them back on again.

Finally, most solar street light models come with a motion sensor that dims out immediately if there is no movement present near the lamp so as not to waste electricity. As such, these top-rated products are definitely worth considering for your next purchase!

Why are solar street lights getting popular?

As mentioned earlier, solar lamps are environmentally friendly. Not only that but they use rechargeable batteries meaning you don’t need to worry about buying too many batteries which can cost a lot of money.

How do solar street lights work?

Solar lamps work by converting the sun’s energy into mechanical power through photovoltaic cells and then this energy is stored in rechargeable batteries so it can be used to power the lamp at night.

What to consider before purchasing one;

  • Solar panels: the best solar street light should have a high capacity and efficiency solar panel. The wattage will give you an idea of how much battery you’ll be able to store and how far the lamp can illuminate. If you want your lamp to cover a small area (about 25 meters) then choose lamps with 1 watt or above. For larger areas go for lamps with more wattage.
  • Lumens output: this refers to how bright the solar street light will be at full charge. Lumens are also used to measure brightness of standard lights so it makes sense that their units of measurement can be used for both. If you want a lamp that is not very bright but covers a large area then choose lamps with more lumens. If you want one that is bright and only illuminates a small area choose lamps with low lumens.
  • efficiency: the best solar street lights are very efficient meaning they produce more light per square meter than other models. Get one with high efficiency for better illumination in dark areas.
  • battery life: look for lamps with great battery life to save costs on buying replacement batteries often. The more hours the lamp can stay lit after a charge, the better.
  • sensor type: motion sensor recently become an essential feature in solar lights since it allows them to be turned off automatically when there is no movement present near the lamp.
  • Charging time: consider how much time you’ll need to charge the battery fully so that it can last for at least 6 hours when charged. Most lamps take about 7-8 hours to charge fully though some brands have solved this problem by introducing faster charging models which only take 4-5 hours to charge full.
  • cost: cost is always a factor to consider when purchasing anything. The best solar street lights are not overly expensive, though you should put their efficiency and durability into consideration before buying them.
  • Type of LED: LEDs come in several types with varying prices and benefits. One watt (or above) LED lamps offer the brightest light but suck up more power compared to other types. However, their efficiency is improved as they last for a long time (about 50,000 hours) before needing replacement. Finally, these lamps can light up an area of about 25 meters.

10 Best Solar Street Lights

  1. TENKOO LED Solar Street Light
  2. BougeRV 120W Solar Street Light
  3. Solar Light Mart ALPHA 1080X Solar Street Light
  4. PSG Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp
  5. PSG Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp
  6. Solar Light Mart HEX 780X Solar Ambience Street Light
  7. TENKOO Solar Powered Street Lights
  8. RuggedGrade 24W LED Solar Street Light
  9. Brillihood LED Solar Street Light
  10. Gebosun LED Solar Flood Outdoor Street Lights

Reviews of Solar Street Lights 2022

1.TENKOO LED Solar Street Light

TENKOO LED Solar Street Light is designed to be used as outdoor lighting. It can be powered by solar energy, and it’s also equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides backup power in case of a lack of light or cloudy days.

The TENKOO solar street light adopts the latest technology in LED lighting, which features high brightness and low power consumption. The solar street lamp has a built-in motion sensor that turns on automatically when detecting movement nearby at night or during the daytime with sufficient sunlight. When there is no movement detected for a certain amount of time, the light will automatically turn off to save energy.


-15 watts LED street lights are solar panels on the top, and the bottom is led lamp beads.

-Lasts 3 to 5 Nights Lighting

Outdoor solar-powered street lamp up to 2000 lumens, lighted by 28 ultra-bright LEDs, built-in 4.2V, 15.4AH large capacity lithium battery. 

-On full charge, the solar lights continue to work for about 10-12 hours in bright mode, and more than 60 hours of use in dim mode.

-Built-in sensitive light sensor and motion sensor. Dusk to dawn led solar lights when motion is detected, led light would be brighter; and then becomes dim again if the motion left.

BougeRV 120W Solar Street Light

This solar LED street light is perfect for outdoor use! The IP65 waterproof grade, rainproof, lightning protection and dustproof design make it a great option for areas that are exposed to the elements. The ABS plastic lamp body and new inner design housing with individual sealed boxes for batteries, controller and outer sealed rubber ring also help to keep water from leaking in. And with a 180°angle of illumination and 1610sq.ft area covered, this solar motion sensor light is sure to provide ample lighting for your space.

The BougeRV 120W Solar Street Light is a solar panel street light that uses polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels with high photoelectric conversion efficiency. The solar light outdoor built-in 20000mAh large capacity lithium battery, to be fully charged in only 6-8 hours, provides a long working time about 18-20 hours in bright mode. It’s very convenient for you to install and use.

Solar Light Mart ALPHA 1080X Solar Street Light

The Solar Light Mart ALPHA 1080X solar street light has a 3-mode setting, GREEN LED indicator: dusk to dawn lighting, PIR sensor does not function; BLUE LED indicator: PIR function is activated, dim mode 165 lumens, full brightness 1300 lumen; RED LED indicator: PIR function is activated, light is turned on when motion is detected, no motion no light/ complete darkness. Maximum pole diameter 8 cm (3 inches). Designed for 3-4 meter (10-13 feet) pole height; 6-8 meter (20-26 feet) distance between pole to pole. Important notice: the pole is not included. It also has an adjustable tilt mounting bracket with a locking screw to fix solar panel position for optimum sunlight exposure.

PSG Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp

The solar lamp is designed to be used in remote areas without electricity, such as mountain villages, islands and parks. It can also be used in the garden or yard as a decoration. The solar lamp consists of 6 LED bulbs and a 48V/6AH battery. When put into induction mode, the lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn; when put into full bright mode, it will light all night long from after full charging during the day.

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