About Us

Tru Solar Score is a website founded by a certified solar PV engineer with the aim of providing homeowners and businesses with an easy way to compare quotes for solar PV systems and quality solar gear reviews. The site uses a unique algorithm that takes into account factors such as roof size, shading, and orientation to generate a score for each installer, making it easy for users to compare quotes and make an informed decision about their solar PV system.

The site also provides users with an opportunity to share their experience with solar gear on the ‘Gear Reviews’ page. Currently, Tru Solar Score has more than 80 different systems reviews available on its platform ranging from roof-top and ground-mounted solar PV systems that are perfect for single installations to complete grid-tied packages that can power entire homes or businesses.

How Tru Solar Score Got Started

We wanted an easy-to-follow guide that gives a clear estimate and unbiased reviews on different solar gear including portable solar generators, solar panels, inverters, batteries etc. After doing some research, we realized that most of the guides are either too brief or too technical thus not very helpful in making an informed decision about what to buy. Furthermore, it was difficult to compare quotes from different solar PV installers because each installer had a different rating system in place.

Our aim was to create a website that provides homeowners and businesses with an easy way to compare prices from different solar PV installers as well as quality reviews about their favorite brands.

Aside from being reviews, we also publish the most comprehensive information on solar as a source of renewable energy as we seek to educate our readers about the need to move to cleaner sources of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a team of researchers and writers at Tru Solar Score, we have 33 years of combined experience with clean energy and we are very confident that we are best prepared to share with the world the invaluable insight we have on portable solar panels, solar chargers, solar generators, and any portable solar panel for home, RVs, and for camping, among other uses. 

We are advocates of renewable energy and this site will seek to promote any of our readers to understand the advantages of solar power. When you read any of the posts on our blog, you’ll come to the conclusion that solar energy technology available in 2022 is worth it and would enable you, your family, and perhaps your business to save on power costs.

About our founders:

Before launching Tru Solar Score, our founders worked as a team of engineers and professional writers for more than 32 years. In this long journey, they have been able to amass a wealth of experience in solar energy technology. To make the most out of their experience, they decided to pool all of the knowledge they have garnered from past jobs and put it all together in one website to help homeowners and businesses know more about solar energy.

Why trust our reviews?

It is common knowledge that each review we post on our website has been well thought out, extensively researched and completely unbiased. We do not accept payment from solar manufacturers to write good reviews about their products. They only pay us when they want us to do an objective comparison between two or more brands or if they want us to publish a detailed guide about their product.

Every post published on our website is written with the average person in mind and we ensure that all the claims we make are supported by evidence from reputable sources such as government agencies as well as independent organizations. We always encourage our readers to do their own research before buying any solar equipment or service so they won’t be taken in by claims which may seem great but in reality, are false.

Tru Solar Score is a website you can trust when it comes to solar energy technology reviews. It gives everyone an opportunity to make the most out of solar whether you are using it for personal purposes or for commercial projects. Check us out today and learn more about what we have to offer.

Products we review here:

  1. Portable solar generators: Listed are top brands with the best price.
  2. Solar panels for RVs: The most comprehensive comparison you will find on the web.
  3. Solar lighting gear including solar lamps, garden lamps, and lanterns.
  4. Solar chargers for phone, tablets, laptops, and more.
  5. Solar power banks for your phones or tablets when you are on the go.
  6. Solar batteries that store energy from the sun to use at night or during cloudy weather.
  7. Solar systems for offgrid living: Complete information on solar setup for your home.
  8. Solar calculators that help you calculate the right number of panels based on your daily consumption.

This website will also cover all solar power providers and installers in several US states. While the information on this site will mostly cover solar power specific to residents of the United States, it will also have information on solar panels available in other countries on continents such as Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

You can reach us using our contact form. You can also read our affiliate disclosure here and our privacy policy here.

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